Abstract Guidelines

Call for abstracts

- Abstracts have to be submitted after registration. The deadline to send abstracts is the 31st of March 2019.
- By submitting an abstract you are accepting the terms below and are giving us permission to publish it in any on-line or printed organizerĀ“s means of communications, always mentioning authorĀ“s attribution. In this context you will be responsible to have authorization from all co-authors involved.
- Please read carefully the following rules before submitting your abstract.


- Accepted abstracts will be published into the abstract book that will be available on-line in this website.
- All abstracts must be submitted through an online form, even if you have been asked by the organizers to be a speaker. Please, do not send Abstracts by email.
- The presenting author must be registered to have access to the Abstract submission online form. For that reason, attendants who want to present a contribution have to register to the meeting before the 31st of March in order to be eligible.
- Contributions must be sent by the presenting author. To encourage broad participation, each person is allowed to submit only one abstract as main/presenting author. All kind of contributions are included in this rule. A person may serve as a non-presenting co-author on several abstracts.
- Abstract length is limited to 350 words.
- The presenting author must include all authors involved (name and affiliation are required) in strict sequential order as they want to appear in the abstract book. The person in charge of the submission is responsible to obtain consent from all co-authors regarding content and participation.
- Sessions will mix the following topics: Photoreceptors: function and structure / Light and hormones / Light and temperature signaling / Light and circadian rhythms / Spatial aspects of light signaling / Light and retrograde signaling / Light and metabolism / Eco-photobiology / PIF signaling / COP-SPA signaling / Evolutionary aspects of light signaling.
- Authors will be asked to select two topics, in order of preference.
- ISPP2019 aims to give an opportunity to early career researchers of presenting their work. Therefore, the presenting authors will be asked about their career status.

Type of contributions:

Authors will be asked to select the type of contribution among the following choices:
- Oral presentation (22 speakers, 17 min + 3 min questions)
- Flash talks (18 speakers, 3 min without questions)*
- Poster presentations **

*Flash talks presentations are expected to refer to a poster.
**Poster specifications: The poster space will be 90 x 120 cm (width x height), which corresponds to A0 vertical format.

Selection of Abstracts for oral and flash talk presentations

- The presenting author may indicate a preference for a particular topic and a particular type of contribution (poster, flash-talk or oral).
- Although these preferences will be considered, some abstracts might be redistributed among the scientific topics to balance the number of presentations.
- Due to the limited amount of time and space available for oral sessions, a Scientific Committee of expert Chairs will select the contributions to be presented as oral or flash talk presentation.
- Authors will be notified about the type of their contributions by e-mail in early May.
- Information about acceptable portable media formats will be further submitted to the authors.

Thank you very much for participating.